8 tips that will help you lose body fat

What helps me when I want to lose fat: dieting or doing physical activity? What exercises are the most appropriate? Is it true that muscle exercises do not help get rid of body fat and that they can make me gain weight? These are some of the most common questions on the topic of fat loss.

Here are 8 tips that will help you lose fat:

  • Control your Portions: The first step to start losing fat is to control the amount of food we eat throughout a day. It is not necessary to weigh each food, but you must maintain portion control.
  • Focus on Restful Sleep: When you sleep less than 7 hours, your body generates stress and this causes cortisol to rise, hunger hormones to increase, and metabolism is slowed down; this will increase your % of body fat.
  • Train: Your training should achieve fat degradation, and you do it by TRAINING HEAVY. Training with weights improves hormonal health by stimulating growth hormones, testosterone, and adrenaline, which can help you lose fat. It is essential to know that by training heavy, you will not get big. This only happens when we have an excess of caloric intake and cardio is not done.
  • Lower Breaks Between Sets: This will help the metabolic response to lose fat; ideally, those breaks between sets are 30 seconds.
  • Include Compound Exercises: These workouts include several muscles in the same exercise. Some of these are squats with shoulder press, strides with bicep curls, among others.
  • Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle: You need to be on the move, do exercises at least 3 times a week, and on the days, you can’t stay very active during the day.
  • Control Carbohydrate Intake: As long as you have an excess of carbohydrates in your body, your metabolism will prefer to use carbohydrates as a source of energy and not fat.
  • Avoid Processed Foods: These will make your fat increase rapidly, choose foods that are more natural.

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