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The diverse community of South Florida is an exciting place, full of the energy and ideas
of the people who call it home. This diversity and excitement, some 20 years ago,
appealed to the adventurous spirit of a young doctor in search of new beginnings and challenges. Today, Dr Jabal Uffelman, MD proudly calls South Florida his home and
is here with the mission of improving his patients’ quality of life, and wellbeing, one Chip at a time. With four offices, serving his community, Doral, Brickell, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton, he leads a busy schedule but the rewards far outweigh the efforts. Dr Uffelman
has built a dynasty of anti-aging medicine that has helped thousands upon
thousands of patients and he’s only getting started.

The story is quite long and started long ago, but suffice it say that Dr
Uffelman, at a young age, had a vision of the future, where he would
speak several foreign languages and would practice the noble artof
medicine. Either by intuition or luck, his path led him to study Spanish,
Portuguese, French, and Italian and to do residency training at the
University of Miami at Jackson Memorial. His training was in Obstetrics
and Gynecology. A practice that appealed to him for all of the excitement of
bringing new perfect beings into the world and, for the honor of caring for women
throughout all of the challenges that this world brings them. Dr Uffelman became an expert early in his career in Robotic surgery, a brave new technology that arrived to the medical scene just as he entered private practice. Acquiring new skills to improve his patients’ lives didn’t stop there. Some 10 years go, Dr Uffelman embarked on a voyage that would change the direction of his career. He began to study the art of esthetic medicine and this would lead him to explore several countries in south America and Europe, learning new and exciting techniques and truly shaping his future as a physician and as a world citizen. Dr Uffelman became proficient in facial esthetics and Liposculpture and moved away from the practice of obstetrics. He developed a niche with the Latin and Brazilian community of South Florida and his practice steadily grew.

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Alas, there was one piece of the puzzle still missing. This being until he discovered a remarkable therapy that could truly transform the lives of his patients and his own career. The Genie in the bottle was Testosterone Pellets (implants), a therapy developed in the 1940s using natural plant based hormones, to cure many ailments that our patients suffer. Dr Uffelman, believing that this therapy deserved a better name than “pellets” then coined the term “Chip” and subsequently his new practice, Rejuvchip, was born. God and nature have blessed us with countless medicines throughout the ages but this one could truly save the world, or so was the perspective of the good Dr. He began treating his menopausal patients, relieving their hot flashes and memory loss; their insomnia and anxiety, making their skin prettier, improving their sex lives.

This therapy was working like nothing he had ever seen. Truly
remarkable and without the risks and side effects of the synthetic hormones he had been convinced to trust by his medical education and the pharmaceutical industry. Soon thereafter, Dr Uffelman began treating men with this therapy he now recognized as a fountain of youth. Now, 10 years and thousands of procedures later, our protagonist has dedicated his life to saving the world one chip at a time. He dreams of a day when we can all age gracefully and without deterioration and degradation. In his several Rejuvchip practices throughout South Florida, that use testosterone pellets as a foundation for age management he also offers a wide array of medical grade supplementation as well as IV vitamin therapies, esthetic procedures, and vaginal rejuvenation. If like many, you’re in need of relief, energy, and excitement, pay the Dr visit. This fountain is here to stay and all are welcome.

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