Architecture And Health

The best of Design

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Architecture And Health

The best of Design

The Well Construction standard develops design practices focused exclusively on the people who occupy buildings and their health benefits, and attempts efficient practices that help the planet. Offices, buildings and homes that efficiently use water, energy and materials, to which are added aspects such as healthy eating, physical and mental comfort, with ergonomic desks, game rooms, sleeping places and massage rooms. Also natural elements such as vegetation and sunlight.

Feeling good, being good and living healthy depends not only on our habits, but on the space that surrounds us. Homes, offices, hospitals and other constructions are being adapted today to achieve spaces in which, for example, overexposure to noise does not alter health.

“Each space must have acoustics according to the type of enclosure”, warns the Fraunhofer Institute of Stuttgart (Germany), so that it does not disturb those who live or are occasionally in it.


Por Nestor Zambrano


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