Are you one of those people who drinks bottled water or cooks with tap water?

Francis Lucena

Many people nowa days drink water in bottles of different brands and of differentty brands a daily basis because they do not have the confidence to drink tap water; Although we know that plastic bottles are not good for health or the environment, never the less they cook and bathe every day with tap water with out taking into account that the contaminants present in the water are not only absorbed by drinking water but also at the time of cooking, washing food, brushing and bathing by absorption through the skin and by inhalation.

 Is this water safe and what quality can it have?  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Protection Agency (EPA), says that the water of the United States contains about 87 contaminants that can range from organic contaminants and chemicals from disinfection by-products

“plastic bottles are not good for health or the environment”

can have from arsenic to the famous trihalo me thanes which is when chlorine combines with organic matter and produces a contaminant that affects the liver, kidneys, and nervous system and is highly carcinogenic, which is why there is great concern in Florida precisely because of these chemicals, however, the EPA does not update this information For many years, that is why a non-profit organization was created, the Environmental Working Group based in Whashington DC, which for a few years has been analyzing all the water treatment plants in theUnited States, to find out exactly how many contaminants are found in the water and in 2021 they found more than 500 contaminants of all kinds through out the  country .

Now a days it is very common to see in the supermarket cup boards a new water that is Alkaline Water, it was discovered in Asia by a long-lived tribe and they did not get sick, they found that the water they drank had a different quality with a greater amount of oxygen and PH which removed the acidity of the body and streng the ned the immune system, which is also why, with this Pandemic, many people began to drink Alkaline Water, although hit is quite expensive water, it is much healthier.

How to know if the water in my home is healthy?

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