Baby with three different parents

Homoparental parents

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.


It is considered a homo-parental family when a couple of men or women become progenitors of one or more children. Homo-parental couples can be fathers or mothers through adoption or by medically assisted reproduction (insemination) in the case of women.

Families are also considered homo-parental in cases in which one of the two members have children naturally of a previous relationship.

The illusion of many couples who hope being parents, can be tarnished when they receive the news that if they have children, the baby could present certain type of genetic diseases. Studies have shown that if the mitochondrial DNA of the mother is sick, the fetus will present incapacitating diseases.

Scientists in the United Kingdom have achieved the approval of the Congress including the endorsement of doctors winners of the Nobel Prize a procedure that allows the eradication of those diseases, for which they need DNA from three people.

I have 3 parents

The procedure offers hope to mothers that are carriers of mitochondrial gene sick to have healthy children and with expectation of life beyond a year, achieving also that its descendants remain free of these types of conditions.

A Higher Human Being?

Although in our country this procedure is not available, many specialists are convinced that it is the future of medicine, since it would allow eradication of certain types of diseases.

“Mitochondrial diseases, are highly disabling, affect all tissues that have mitochondria such as lung tissue, cerebral, cardiac, muscle skeletal, and even the liver. Patients who have manifestations at the level of the Central Nervous System progressively are losing the ability to move”.

Genetics are advancing in Venezuela, in fact in Anzoátegui states that genetic samples are being analyzed from couples that want to have a child, but that in some of the two there is some alteration that is segregating generationally.



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