Beauty must have a purpose and that is the mission of aesthetic specialist Joa Paba and her brand “JOA BEAUTY”.

Joa Paba wants to make her contribution to society, in the midst of the difficult situation we are facing with this pandemic, so she will donate her services to people with emotional issues, cancer patients, people with any disease or who are going through depression. She will provide them with free treatments, without any cost for them, with the only purpose of gratitude and to fulfill her purpose of Beauty with purpose.

Joa Paba is recognized for being a specialist in MICROPIGMENTATION OF EYEBROWS, as well as a Cosmetologist, Aesthetician and expert in equipment with more than 10 years in the market. As a specialist in PMU and Skin Care, she has managed to combine her career in aesthetic beauty, also helping many through Life Coaching. A combination that leads her to achieve a purpose and highlight the beauty of her clients from the inside out.

Micropigmentation is a delicate work, which requires a lot of confidence from clients when selecting the right person, since the eyebrow area is sensitive and will aesthetically mark the individual’s features to look better. Searching for the right expert is a great mission that is why JOA PABA is recognized and respected in the industry, because of its experience and preparation it has managed to develop a unique technique that can be applied to its customers with all confidence, as it has done with more than 3 thousand customers who have tried her technique. Nothing is more satisfying for her than listening to the testimonies of a happy client.

Her vocation to help others was awakened when she went through difficult moments, today as a cancer survivor, she helps by supporting events and foundations related to the disease such as: The Pink Dinners to benefit the Fundación Amigos de la Mujer con Cáncer de Mama (FAMAC) and the event “DONO MIS CEJAS” organized by her sister Karen Paba, for 3 years in a row. “It is an honor for me to be able to participate again in such a beautiful and meaningful project for the whole family, thanks to all of you who have joined as always every time we do this event that fills us with so much good energy! It is the third one for the second year in a row! We continue sowing love and gratitude towards God and life”. Joa Paba Express.

Her preparation in the world of aesthetics has been wide, from her native Venezuela, participating in important congresses that left her great knowledge and preparation, such as: International Congress & PMU Battle of Las Vegas 2018. @permanentreunion, among others. Graduated in Venezuela as Technician in Computer Science, Bachelor in Social Work, Postgraduate in Human Resources, Specialist in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Teaching Component in Higher Education, PAC (Personal Achievement Circle) Coach.

Her star treatment is EYEBROW MICROPIGMENTATION, which consists of loading the pigments with the color of the eyebrows and populate them.  These pigments are deposited in the epidermis and superficial dermis by using disposable and antiallergenic products. It allows correcting imperfections and giving a stable aesthetic makeup in eyes, lips and eyebrows.

The Dermopigmentation also called micropigmentation or semi-permanent make-up consists of the application of pigments in the subepidermal layer of the skin with a micro-needle in order to enhance and correct facial features and give them a solution to many aesthetic problems.

Another of his star services is his Diamond-tipped “Facial Microdermabrasion” technique, which is very successful because the results are immediately visible on the skin.

“I humbly continue obtaining more knowledge to keep growing, developing and innovating the wisdom of serving the welfare of people who require it. I enjoy it and I am passionate about everything I do,” said Joa Paba.

JOA PABA is available to donate micropigmentation to any oncology patient, people with a disease or who are going through depression, etc. Her mission is to continue doing what she loves, but with a purpose.


Joa Paba


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