Bullying, a growing problem

Non-acceptance among children, how to handle it?

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

Ring! Ring! The bell rings for recess time at school, all the children run excited to Enjoy breakfast, rest and wishing to have several minutes to play and run; but at a corner of the room there is one of them, alone and afraid to go outside. This can be a warning signal, abuse and school violence sometimes are difficult to detect, especially when they still don’t have left physical traces.

School violence or “Bullying” that can be done in a verbal or physical way, has increased during the last years in Venezuela. According to the annual report of CECODAP, in 2013 they registered 973 cases; at the end of the year 2014, the amount had increased to 1210 cases, these numbers correspond only to the cases that have been reported. 

From the Game to Abuse

The psychologist Saraí Cancino, explains that you have to know how to differentiate between games and abuse or violence. Children tend to group with others with the same interests or similar liking, but there are usually classmates who are different and these children are the ones that suffer more bullying.

Currently the reasons that children and teenagers point out that have received verbal or physical rejection by another partner are diverse, can vary from obvious disorders or even social condition. The expert in psychology describes that some of The most frequent reasons are:

“Notorious difficulties that makes them different, like motor condition or if is not good in sports, children with different ways to talk, children very explosive or that get angry fast, children who are labeled as “accusers”, children with Autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even by political ideologies. “

Aggressive Child

If the teacher is sensitive to these topics, he will watch the student and search in his behavior. A Child abuser will have violent reactions or will constantly interrupt the class, they are very aggressive verbally or physically and have drastic changes on behavior

Cancino, details that “many times children copy attitudes that come from home, repeat patterns that they see in some TV show or do it just to call the attention of their relatives. This increases the problem, because parents are the ones feeding this inappropriate behavior. “

Early warning

The problem of bullying at school is not only what the student suffers at the time of the abuse, but that if it is not detected and treated timely can bring consequences to future.

Cancino highlights “a child who has suffered bullying for a long time, since elementary school,  can finish becoming an aggressor in adolescent or adult age, as a form of defense or in cases extreme take him to suicide. “

Sourse: Sarai Cancino, Psycologhy.

Universidad Rafael Urdaneta.

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Informe de COCODAP 2014.


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