Risks about cholesterol

Dr. Jorge Matos

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Today we meet Dr. Jorge Matos, hereon “Calle 8”, we are going to leave him the location, he will be talking tous about a very important topic. In this edition I would like you to talk tous about a very controversial topic, cholesterol. Many times when wee at, thinking that what we are eating is what is indicated and when we check our selves were alize different alterations that can cause the loss of life.

Tell us a little about these risks and emphasize a little about cholesterol.

“Thanks to Learning to Live Magazine, toall of you for being here, for me it is a pleasure to talk a little about the risk of cholesterol.  Basically, It is important to deal with cholesterol, we Latinos love fried foods, pork rinds and on these celebration dates more, but cholesterol must always be taken into account but we do not know whichis good and whichis bad cholesterol.

That is a risk because the coronary arteries are getting clogged, they are producing gless circulation in the heart muscle and when we realize it, we have a heart attack. Unfortunately, many people forget about this condition, sometimes hereditary factors in which we forget to take care of our selves, to have a special diet, to exercise, to go to the doctor to test us if we are at risk of having bad cholesterol. Stop and take action, whe ther it’s medication, dietor exercise.

Prevention is important, in my case, in my experience with my wife who died, it was basically because of her high bad cholesterol, she did not take care of her self, she was a successful nurse at her job, and she had a heart attack. I am in this new stage of my life but I have learned a lot to continue dealing with the patient, I love my profession, I love medicine, basically, prevention is super important, go to your doctor, have tests listen to him and if sometimes you have to take medicine, you have to take it.  Theme an sofprevention Is important.  With just a blood test we will have good and bad cholesterol and heart risks, which are important.”

Inform the community where to locate it, if it is through hin surance?

  “I am located in Miami on 8th Street and 96th Avenue, we offer quite comfortable prices, quite accessible to the public. I have always said, I help and they help me from above.  I try toget most of the insurance, but if the patient is an immigrant who does not have papers, there is no legal status here, simply health prevention and health care.  I see patients from a very good plan which is the Sunshine Medical Discount Plan.  The prices with laboratory tests are quite low, I try to solve it for patients who do not have resources, as I said, healt his our priority.


Thank you very much, Dr. Matos. I was delight ted to have received this very wises cientific information and believe me that this will be light for many people who need it and are un aware of how delicate it is to preventus in time.

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