Curiosities about

The conditioner

It is possible that as of today you change totally the schemes about the conditioner Did you know what …?

1. The conditioner goes before the shampoo: Yes, that’s right. We have always been taught that first the shampoo and then the conditioner, but the big brands of hair care advise that first we apply the conditioner and then the shampoo. In this way, we will achieve a more shiny and silky hair. And without weighing!

2. Better not to apply it in the roots: If we apply it, we will stimulate the production of fat, it will clump our hair and it will last us very little clean time. The best is always from means to ends.

3. There is a conditioner for each type of hair: One type of conditioner does not always work for everyone. You have to choose it based on your hair type, so that it works well.

4. We can make waves: Just apply a small amount in our hand and distribute it in several strands evenly. Afterwards, we become a braid. We leave it some hours, when we take it off, we’ll have incredible waves.

5. We can use make-up remover in case of emergency: If we go on a trip or our makeup remover has been used, we can apply a small amount of conditioner on a cotton and put it on our face. Help remove all the makeup!

6. It can be used as a depilating cream: If we are going to depilate our legs with a razor or shaver, we can substitute the shaving cream for conditioner.



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