Demystifying Hypnosis

Interview Dr. S. Oscar Vega Gómez

Demystifying Hypnosis

Revista Salud y Bienestar #1 Sur de Florida es - - revista de salud y bienestar Dr Oscar Ayuda Desmitificando la Hipnosis

In a very unfortunate way, many people have a distorted concept of what Hypnosis really is. Its foundations are based on the use that is made of it with recreational connotation in theaters and circuses where it is used to ridicule the supposedly hypnotized individuals. In such a way the great therapeutic power of Clinical Hypnosis is ignored, which being our specialty allows us to shed light, in a scientific and consistent way, on this important subject in order to demystify it.

We are talking here about a phenomenon absolutely not related to the esoteric world, mysticism or religion. We are appealing to a behavior that we all experience at least twice a day; that is to say: when we wake up we pass from sleep to wakefulness and when we are falling asleep we pass from wakefulness to sleep.

Based on this ability, which every human being has, we can work very effectively in healing using only the word as a professional tool.

Revista Salud y Bienestar #1 Sur de Florida es - - revista de salud y bienestar Dr Oscar Ayuda Desmitificando la Hipnosis

The word “Hypnosis” comes from Greek and means sleep or numbness. And, that is indeed what we achieve with our patients. That is to say, we provoke a kind of artificial sleep induced with very simple words that allows us to have access to their subconscious while they remain alert and receptive, achieving a favorable reprogramming of their misconduct and we solve a number of problems that affect them.

While our patient is in a hypnotic state, a very pleasant sensation of peace, harmony and total relaxation takes hold of him/her, disconnecting him/her from all the adversities of the world in which we live and focusing him/her on real and practical solutions to the ailments that afflict him/her.

The wonderful therapeutic technique that is undoubtedly Hypnosis is characterized by its non-invasive nature and therefore is devoid of any risk or danger for those who have the privilege of experiencing it.

In our office we teach our patients mental exercises that will allow them to practice self-hypnosis, in such a way that once the instructive session is over, they will be able to contribute independently and for life to heal themselves individually.

Another of the great advantages of Clinical Hypnosis is that the results are obtained in the short term and that with its use can be solved, among many other human problems the following:

– Stress
– Addictions
– Overweight

– Fears
– Phobias
– Anxiety

– Trauma
– Panic attacks
– Insomnia
– Pain

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