Who should get the third dose or the “booster” of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Interview to Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

Doctor Luis Felipe Felipe explains who should get the third dose or the “booster” of the COVID-19 vaccine

There are two entities in the United States that have made vaccine booster recommendations. The first organization is the FDA. It is run by a panel of doctors and scientists who did not approve the third dose for everybody. This organization decided that only high-risk people should be vaccinated. Those with a background medical condition or over 65 years of age. This is because the third dose of the vaccine involves risks, one of the greatest being allergies, which can be fatal. Also, it was recently discovered a risk of pericarditis or inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart.

However, another organization known as the center for disease control, abbreviated in english “CDC”, ruled by the government, has recommended the third dose for all people. They want to include the entire population. At this time, we are left with two opinions: the opinion of the government and the opinion of the medical team, and both opinions differ slightly from each other.

There is also the option for each person to undergo a blood test, which determines how much immunity the first two doses of the vaccine gave them, since it is frequent that the people who don’t develop immunity from the vaccine, are the ones affected by the virus. Remember that no vaccine or medicine is perfect, only God is.

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Interview Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

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