Which is the most effective flu vaccine in 2021-2022?

Interview to Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

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Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe explains to us which is the most effective flu vaccine in 2021-2022.

Did you know that there are nine different flu vaccines? And although they all tend to help, there are differences between them, and some are more specific for certain people. It is recommended that during the coronavirus pandemic people continue to get vaccinated against the flu, since the influenza virus leads to hospitalization for some people and hospitals are dangerous places at the moment because they can be infected with the coronavirus.

Flu vaccines are only effective for six months, so getting them too early can lead to not having protection for the full season.

The best time to start getting vaccinated is at the end of October, not at the beginning.

The most common side effects of the flu vaccine are: sore throat, headache, low fever, muscle aches, and tiredness. Remember that the vaccine takes two weeks to work, so after being vaccinated you must wait two weeks to have immunity.

The best flu vaccine this season is the quadrivalent. The best for people over 65 is called Flaud Quadrivalent which is FDA approved. Not all flu vaccines are FDA approved. Some medical centers or pharmacies will recommend the vaccine they have bought, but it is best that you use the one that suits you, and for this you will need a prescription from your primary doctor. A doctor who knows medicine thoroughly. As flu vaccines are made with egg proteins, people allergic to eggs should use the Flublok vaccine, the only one that is not made with eggs. There is also a flu vaccine that comes as a nasal spray, but it is designed only for people aged 2 to 49 years.


If you need a prescription or more information, call Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe’s office: 786-899-0092.


Interview Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

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