“The Illuminator of Smiles in the City of Miami”

Interview to Dr. Raul Gonzalez

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Who is Raul Gonzalez, why and when did he decide to move to Miami?

I was born in Barranquilla Colombia, when I was young, we moved to the United States; I grew up and studied in New Jersey, once with my career I decided to move to Miami, because apart from being the closest thing to Colombia Barranquilla, it has an idiosyncrasy very similar to the country and city where I grew up.

 How did you manage to connect and/or have as many celebrities as patients?

I don’t really know myself; they came one at a time, mostly by recommendation. For me, all patients are treated like celebrities, with much love and respect, I am very grateful that celebrities believe in my work, choose me and recommend me. It has been a nice road for years, many of them have become family and friends of the house.

Which dental specialty are you most passionate about?

Dentistry is a profession that I am passionate about, although as a child I wanted to study architecture, but at some point in my life, I had to have wisdom teeth surgery, which gave me a very constructive and positive experience with my uncle, a retired Maxillofacial Surgeon from the city of Barranquilla. I became very interested in health science and at the age of 14 I began to work and learn with him, until I moved to the United States.

The career of dentistry is not only science, health; it is art, it is passion, it is compassion, it is a dynamic process of psychology integrated with technology; understanding how the use of advanced science allows patients to obtain less traumatic and more effective results, obtaining healthy smiles with more functional bites in an efficient way.

The part of my career that I am most passionate about is the part that I call Neurofunctional Reconstructive Dentistry, which means being able to place a healthy smile on a bite that corrects posture, which makes the patient have better functional chewing and better respiratory flow, improving their balanced energy level on a daily basis, that is something that goes beyond what aesthetic dentistry is and that obviously produces spectacular results, a person who has the right energy, works more effectively without wear and tear.

We understand that you have a successful line of products ByDrgSmile, what are they about, where can we get them?

In fact, I have launched a line of products that is in line with my lifestyle, giving energy and vigor to the body in order to have an anti-oxidative and regenerative capacity; vitamins that help you recover your body and sleep better, getting a repairing, less stressful sleep; a Facial Cream Kit that helps to correct the abuse of light, the sun and the years, rehydrating the skin and recovering the capacity of collagen to function effectively again, with organic products, made in the United States, something that I am proud of, a dental component that combines a paste that has anti-sensitivity, whitening and anti-cavity fluoride; a Tooth Whitening Cream that allows you to always maintain aesthetic, functional, high quality oral health, which accompanied by continuous preventive visits, will help maintain healthy gums, which is the success of any smile.

How does Dr. Raul balance his personal and professional life, being such a renowned Medical Dentist?

 With a balance for everything, always giving priority to my family, which is the most important thing in my life. The key is to get organized, with an agenda at hand and a great team that accompanies and supports me.  It is true that I work a lot, the moments with my family are of quality when there isn’t much time.

 It is known that you preside over the Doral Pro-Health Foundation, a foundation that offers free medical services to the Doral community. What led you to be part of this humanitarian work?

I have always had a vocation to help those in need, and my parents taught me that since I was a child. And being in this country and as a doctor I realized the great need for health services for people who do not have the resources to access health insurance, or people who do not have the necessary papers, that is why Doral Pro-health was created so they could access health services for free. We are very happy with the work that has been done during these years and the people we have helped, our concern about this issue was great and the demand was much higher. We will continue to give the best at Doral-Pro Health for everyone.

What are your future projects?

I have many, although right now I am focused on the present, on enjoying how much our clinic has grown, we have the latest technology and machines to make the patient’s visit warmer and more pleasant with all our services. For example, our orthodontic line with the transparent aligners of my brand ‘Elite by Dr. G Smile’, are a success, my whitening paste “White By Dr. G Smile” whitening paste for use at home “Whitening by DrgSmile”, and other services we provide in the clinic of general dentistry, orthodontics, cryotherapy therapies, IV treatment (Intravenous Vitamins), and of course my specialty Smile Design, which I love and enjoy doing every day, see the happy face of each patient, is a total satisfaction.

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