Elena Hernandez, a courageous woman

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Elena Hernández, the driving force behind several companies, businesswoman, mother of 3 children, financial ups and downs, family, pandemic, etc., but a greater force called Will, makes her get up every day with thousands of problems to solve. The challenge of handling all situations on the road, not only work, but also family, which many times I would say, is a greater challenge, when the family is part of the Workforce, to carry the family baton and deal with many people at the same time, especially women… a work of titans. This woman went out one day with her little girl and a dangerous journey awaited her; throwing herself into the sea to meet her husband, who was waiting for her in the United States.

When we listen to her story, we realize the meaning of the word VALUE

Elena, did you ever think of becoming a super entrepreneur?

We all dream of success. It doesn’t matter where we are, but how we will get there. More than a businesswoman, I wanted to serve others. My companies have always had 3 fundamental factors for life: Health, Beauty and Well-being in general.

What is it like to carry several businesses and a large family behind you?

With effort and a lot of patience, but above all, with love, knowing how to listen and speak at the right time.

How do you distribute your day and your tasks?

Organizing myself since dawn, to exercise my role as mother, wife, work and family leader, where prioritizing and programming is fundamental.

Did you ever know the word fear?

Never fear, it is only in your mind if you want, but if you think you feel it, let it be the driving force of your life.

What is your dream and greatest purpose?

Reaching and fulfilling my goals with health for myself and for my family, friends and co-workers. My main purpose is to move forward without losing the humility that characterizes me.

What advice do you give women who want to be entrepreneurs?

That if you want, YOU CAN, the fundamental thing is to prepare yourself and always move forward. You can always achieve it, it depends on you.

Elena really is an example of how far you can go every day. That the language barrier does not matter if there is something inside you that inspires you and leads you to triumph. That multiplies the Will and the Energy of a daily path that is becomes a Success of Life.

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