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10 Foods That Fight Against Cancer

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

There are some foods that inhibit the cancer cells movement and reduce metastasis, avoiding the growth of the disease, according to a recent research done by the University of California.

Coffee >> According to an investigation of the University of Rutgers, drinking coffee or even applying it directly over the skin, is effective in preventing skin cancer, since the caffeine inhibits a particular protein called ATR, which when being neutralized, destroys the other cells damaged by UV after prolonged exposition to the sun.

Milk >> Just like eggs, milk has anti-cancer properties because of its high amount of vitamin D. Besides that, it has been recently found that breast milk, in addition to strengthening a baby´s immune system, also prevents aggressive childhood tumors due to the action of two proteins, trail and hamlet.


Plums and Peach >> The latest research has revealed that plums and peach squash help to destroy breast cancer cells, even the aggressive ones, without damaging healthy cells, which lets the door open to some news chemotherapy treatment with no side effects.

Nuts >> A scientist of the Medical School in Marshall University (USA), exposed that eating a variety of nuts every day, considerably reduces the risk of breast cancer due to the high amount of Omega -3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phstosterols they contains.

Broccoli >> The key is found in its high level of isothiocyanates. This substance is also present in cabbage and cauliflower, it removes the damaged gene p53 protein that causes the unusual growth of the cells.

Oregano >> According to a research made by the University of Long Island, USA, one of the main components present in oregano, carvacrol and cymophenol, lead to the elimination of prostate tumor cells.

Ketchup >> Lycopene, found in fresh tomato and derivatives, have been shown its capacity to inhibit damaged cell proliferation. At the same time, it has an anti-carcinogenic  and anti-atherogenic effect, by intervening in the intracellular communication and modulating immune mechanisms.

Eggs >> According to research done by the Vall d´Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, eating eggs is effective to prevent colon cancer. Vitamin D, present in this food prevents the action of beta-catenine, a key protein to transform of cancer cells.


Wine >> According to a recent research, men who drink about four cups of red wine per week, reduce the chances to get prostate cancer by 50%.

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