Tips to avoid accidents at home with children

Domestic accidents, usually occur at any time. It is the first cause of infant mortality. Falls, wounds, intoxications, among others are the most common mishaps and is the most frequent reason for consultation in the Emergency Services.

Knowing the dangers or highly risky situations. Doctor, Leopoldo Cordova Romero offers to you some recommendations.

1 Attentive

Do not let him approach unknown animals and teach him to be cautious with his own dog or pet.

2 When sleeping

Avoid large pillows and soft stuffed animals, both can block the infant’s breathing.

3 In the bathroom

A child alone in the bathroom is a danger, could slip and hit or drown. When you are near a swimming pool, watch the little one; never leave him without adult supervision.

Leopoldo Cordova Romero. Renowned Venezuela speaker and doctor with mor than 40 years of experience in pediatrics and infectious diseases. During his professional career he has excelled as professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Childcare at the Central University of Venezuela.

4 Careful

Pay close attention to outlets. Use special plugs and teach children that they should not touch them if they have wet hands or feet.

5 In the kitchen

For cooking, use the inner cookers and make sure pots or pans are out of the reach of children.

6 Medications

Keep medications locked up; they often have shapes and colors reminiscent of candies.

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