Entrepreneur with Caribbean Flavor

Christian Barruos-Brens

Christian Barruos-Brens
Entrepreneur with Caribbean Flavor

Christian discovered his passion for the culinary art when he was just 16 years old, when he found out that his mother had cancer and wanted to help with the expenses.

He started baking brownies and posting it on social media. The orders rained on him and this gave rise to his new venture in the name of “Moonlight Brownies”.

At just 8 years old, he surprised his parents with what he called his “light breakfast”. At that time he was far from thinking that he would discover his true passion in the culinary art.

At the beginning of the “High School&”, he began to study Information Technology and since he had the opportunity to take an elective subject, without thinking twice he selected “Culinary Art”.

Emprendedor con Sabor Caribeño

Soon his passion was increasing and it was then that he was surprised by his father’s death. He remembered how much he liked the Cuban Cafecito and decided to launch his new version”Cafecito Brownie” to honor the memory of his deceased father, putting a Ganache de Café presented in the typical glasses of the Cuban Cafecito, this variation has deserved great praise for its aroma and flavor. It has been such a success that it does not stop including it as a dessert in his orders and family reunions.


Such was his passion that he came to the house to practice what he had learned and in that space he discovered that he had the talent for it and began to create new and varied recipes printing them the Caribbean flavor receiving excellent comments from friends and family whom he invited to a “Tasting” to try their dishes and give him their opinions on how it could be improved using “Focus Group”.

His house became a great kitchen rehearsing what his restaurant would be in the future so when he did the “tastings” he dressed as a Chef, he presented the dishes, from the entrance, main course and desserts, he printed the menu, in short he was living his passion and let himself be felt in the smell, taste and color of his meals.

Christian is still a “Chef in the making” who has won from a Reality Show for an important television network to the Scholarship of Miami Dade College, an opportunity that he will take advantage of to continue his master’s studies in “Hospitality and Tourism”. Currently his creations have had a great impact on the community, making themselves known and being required to make business meals, professional and family events.

For this entrepreneur with Caribbean Flavor, we wish him many successes, since this is only the beginning of many more achievements and grateful for serving as a “Role Model” for many young people who, like him, only need the necessary impulse and support to work their passion from the Heart.

Christian Barruos-Brens

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Chef/Actor in the making! MIAMI Gourmet Catering Services
Entrepreneur • Influencer

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