What Is Functional Medicine?

This practice recognizes each individual as unique and therefore refutes the theory of offering standard solutions to address health problems.


Teacher and Student Stress

By Dr. S. Oscar Vega Gómez

 It is the stress suffered by auxiliary personnel, leaders, teachers, and professors of the different types of schools.



By Dr. Mac Soré

There are times when you and I have looked back on our life and we see what we have accomplished, what we have not accomplished, our family


The Million Dollar Question How to Lose Fat?

By: Ernesto Avendaño, LDN – Nutricionista-Dietista

The million-dollar question: how to lose fat?

They constantly ask me, “why can’t I lower my fat percentage?”. This has become a big problem thanks to bad eating habits.



Experts in Pink

“Experts in pink”, is the 3rd book, it is in Spanish and English, has a compilation of different doctors in each of their specialties


Which is the most effective flu vaccine in 2021-2022?

Interview Dr Luis Felipe Felipe

Did you know that there are nine different Flu vaccines? And while they all tend to help there are differences between them and some are more specific to certain people. 


Who should get the third dose or the “booster” of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Interview to Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

There are two entities in the United States that have made vaccine booster recommendations. The first organization is the FDA. 


Good News in the Medical Battle against Covid-19

Interview Dr Luis Felipe Felipe

Experts confirm that we have the world’s first eradication of one of the COVID-19 variants. The B.1.621 variant, also known as the Mu variant.


Medical Centers Research Director

Interview with Dr. Johnson Niño Soto

Dr. Johnson Niño Soto is the Director of Research and represents the “South Florida Urgent Care” Medical Centers, located in Miami Dade and Broward counties.


Healing Wounds, Happier Hearts, LLC

Wound Care and Skin Care company…

Healing Wounds, Happier Hearts, LLC is a Wound Care and Skin Care company mainly catorting to the geriatric population.


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