Feng Shui And Geobio-Architecture

“The position and orientation of space, as catalysts for the transformations of our lives”

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For the concept of Feng Shui, we must begin by considering the position of our home or work spaces, according to north, south, east and west. In the West we are not used to pay attention to this detail and we usually place furniture and objects -such as plants, mirrors, pictures, etc.- according to our comfort and in the worst cases, following fashion or decoration models.

It is very rare that we are right in its exact position, although in FENG SHUI the Chinese sages warn us that intuition has a great influence.

That is why we offer you some tips and ideas for your decorations, in order to achieve a harmonious space and personal growth:

1.- If you are in a position to buy a new house, I suggest that you choose a square-shaped house; take into account the protection of the back and sides, leaving the entrance area free. This protection can be represented by trees, hills or other buildings.

2.- The back of the buildings is the weakest side because it is the side of the Turtle, where emotions are activated, therefore, avoid placing a pool right behind your house, the right place for its location is in the front. And always with rounded and soft shapes.

 3.- We must keep in mind that an essential foundation of FENG SHUI is the use of the energy of Ch’i, this is the universal force that surrounds us and is our cosmic nutrient, which we can channel and use, remembering that she needs to move harmoniously, which is why you should avoid sharp objects such as plants with sharp leaves, corners, square tables, beams, columns, etc.

If you have a square or rectangular table with points, place round objects on them to soften the shapes.

4.-The front of the house is Yang (movement), so it is recommended to install next to the door places of leisure and dining room, leaving for the back, Ying (stillness) bedrooms and library. Never place large objects at the entrance that hinder the access of energy.

In subsequent publications we will continue to provide information for your well-being at home.

En posteriores publicaciones seguiremos dando la información para su bienestar en el hogar.

Nuestra Doctora en Arquitectura Mynerva Modesta, es una experta en el trabajo con el Feng Shui, ha viajado por muchos lugares del mundo, canalizando su sabiduría para el bienestar del ser humano.

Le ofrece un trabajo impecable, con sus planos que indican las orientaciones de su Pa Kua Personal y de las indicaciones del mobiliario. Asimismo, le da consejos para las curas que debes colocar si ya tienes una casa comprada y tienes que solucionar problemas en la prosperidad y en la salud

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