Florida Fitness & Bodybuilding Corp.

Florida Fitness & Bodybuilding Corp. has created a business activity program to encourage Physical and Mental Health, Personalized Fitness and Bodybuilding Training, Personalized Nutrition Plans and Health Problem Prevention.

About Us

We are a company focused on building value relationships. Being close to each of our clients allows us to understand their needs precisely, to provide them with personalized attention, offer solutions, and thus create the most effective plan based on their objectives and guaranteed the desired results.

We aim to design comprehensive training plans and programs, that incorporate proper nutrition techniques, employ new trends and advanced workout processes to reach a healthy lifestyle. Located in the beautiful state of Florida, we have a team of highly qualified professionals, offering excellent service, guaranteeing changes and real results.

We offer 7 innovative plans for clients to choose from:

  1. Personalized Training and Health Care Services.
  2. S.W.P (Senior Wellness Program) which is our newest plan, dedicated to this beautiful community that needs so much care and attention.
  3. Online Program Services.
  4. Teenagers Healthy Programs.
  5. Corporate Healthy Activities Services.
  6. Classes Via Zoom.
  7. Shaggy Premium Personal Training.

Our plans are aimed at offering a better quality of life to the entire community, regardless of sex, age, race, or physical condition.! Everyone is Welcome

We invite you to be part of the Floridafitbody family and make your dreams comes true.

Alexis Mendoza.


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