Focusing on happiness will increase your success

In a world like today, the advancement of media and technology has created high expectations of global impact on our children. The constant push of parents to make their children stand out in everything makes it alluring to chase a celebrity or emulate an online influencer.
In addition, society continues to tell us that academic excellence equals happiness or acceptance to the best university.
Educator and mentor, Juan Pablo Casimiro, has over 30 years of experience starting from the New York City Public School system. He specializes in empowering and educating young people around the world to discover their purpose and optimize their potential.

As founder and CEO of BIZNOVATOR, he uses social innovation strategies to strengthen human capacity and foster sustainability.

Here are some valuable tips he shared with us to use as parents, educators, and adults to encourage and nurture our children’s’ happiness from a young age:

  • Boost physical exercise and activity in your children’s lives, either recreationally or competitively. This can stimulate dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin release in their brain.
  • Encourage your children to play a musical instrument at an early age. A recent study from the University of Montreal showed that it helps long-term memory and improves brain development.
  • Keep your family and friends close to you. This can help foster this positive mindset in your children.
  • Together with your children, from a young age, set clear and attainable goals for their life. This helps instill in them how to prioritize what is most important.
  • A key ingredient for happiness is teaching our children to overcome adversity. Always remember, “Everything is Possible.”
  • Do not focus on money as the only indicator of success. Money does not buy absolute happiness. Instead, the ambition for money must be seen through the lens of giving back and empowering others.

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