God wants to touch your health and give you new life

Entrevista Ministro Deivi Jhoangel Bautista Feliz

“God wants to touch your health and give you new life.”

Learning to live Magazine in the person of Nancy Beterzelian (N.B) was blessed to chat with Dominican Minister and influencer Jhoangel Feliz (M.J.F.) on topics such as health and blessing.

N.B: Hello Minister, a pleasure to talk with you.

M.J.F: A thousand blessings to all. I thank God at all times.

N.B: Amen pastor. I have had the blessing of the Spirit to meet with you, and to give to all those who read us, the most important thing: the Word of the Lord.

M.J.F.: That’s right, I was reading the story about the woman who had an issue of blood, which was tormenting her. In those times, whoever had a disease had to be far away from those who were healthy, and that woman had been like that for 12 years. But the Bible says that on one occasion she saw Jesus and said: if I could only touch the hem of his garment, I know that I will be healed and she went and touched the garment, and instantly she was healed.

I want the readers of this magazine to understand that God wants to touch your health and give you new life, to give you a miracle, but you have to have faith. You have to stand up like the woman and start believing that every word that comes from God will bring a blessing.

L.T.L.M: Amen pastor. Believing in the word of the Book of Life is the only truth.

M.J.F: Many people tell me “I like how God uses you mightily”, but I don’t want them to see me, I want them to see Him. The problem with this generation, they don’t allow themselves to be led by God. It is better to be judged for doing good and not for doing evil.

This magazine is something that comes from God and it is going to have persecutions from the world, but God is going to do it because health and wellness is something that came from His mouth.

I lived a time when I was in great need. I had to wait for others to eat in order for me to eat. Nobody saw my tears, or when they told me: you are not going to be anybody, how is God going to set his eyes on you? But He has set angels with their sword drawn to defend you until you get what God said about you.

N.B: Amen. I want to share my testimony here. When we are obedient to the Word of God the harvest will come.

M.J.F: I know that God is preparing something great and mighty in your life.

N.B: Amen pastor, I am from Venezuela and I will be here for 4 years, and there have been many struggles and many times that I felt the need to return, but Jesus Christ told me no, I am called to obey Him, to have faith that that little mustard seed that we do not see, is the one that is going to take all of us who believe.

M.J.F: Have faith and trust.

N.B: I have to thank you for your support to me and my magazine. I know that God will shower his blessings on you.

M.J.F: Thank you and a thousand blessings and let us remain in unity, amen.

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