Have you noticed patches of thinning hair?

Have you noticed patches of thinning hair?
Are you concerned about hair loss because your hair constantly falls out?

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Keep reading since hair loss affects more than 100 million Americans annually. By the age of 50, nearly 85% of men report thinning hair, and over 50% of women report noticeable hair loss.

Several treatments can help you reduce or restore your hair. Whether it’s surgery or non-invasive treatments, American Mane is here to help. We are proud to offer FUE transplants, mesotherapy, and platelet-rich plasma to those who wish to regrow lost hair.

When you hear hair transplants, you think of Turkey. In this country, hair transplants are performed using the highest standard of technique, specialists, and affordability. In Istanbul, this is the most popular surgery. They specialize in FUE hair transplants that leave no scar. Currently, this is the most effective technique to extract hair follicles.

In the United States, many people with hair problems can’t find a proper solution or can’t afford to travel abroad and undergo surgery. This is why we opened our clinic, to offer high-quality hair transplants at competitive prices. While other clinics use different techniques and limited staff, American Mane works with a dedicated team that is highly skilled and trained in Turkey. One of our most famous treatments is follicular unit extraction, a procedure to fill empty spaces in the scalp, such as the front line and crown. What is incredible about this treatment is that we can also cover your eyebrows, beard, and mustache.

We can extract from the back of the head, chin, and sometimes from the chest. FUE is a hair transplant that helps men and women who struggle with hair loss or thinning hair. This method harvests grafts more efficiently, safely, and quickly than traditional methods. We have a large medical team who work together during the procedure and can extract the maximum amount of follicles possible. Our pricing is competitive as we do not charge per graft like other clinics. Prices are often a fraction of our competitors. Contact us now to get a free consultation.


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