Health Mealz

It was designed to overcome the obstacles of many years of poor nutritional habits by reverting many diseases and maximizing health to optimum scale. Diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, blood pressure and fat liver are resolve with success by Margaret Sbarra Nutritionist with a master’s degree in clinical dietetics with more than 25 years of experience in the nutritional field and culinary arts.

Health Mealz

Revista Salud y Bienestar #1 Sur de Florida es - - revista de salud y bienestar edicion primavera verano 2020 - ismael cala - dr. juan rivera - covid 19 - turismo - overcome the crisisThe meal plan program created reduces the consumption of low nutrient food and increases high nutritional items in a low caloric intake. There is no need to count calories or portions because everything is adapted to each person depending if there is a disease or just to maintain health or nutritional needs to achieve long term success. Eventually you will become the person you dream without rigorous diets, changes in behavior or anxieties.

Detox program (3-5-7 days) was created to flush out toxins and fat from our body in a sage way. It will help to eliminate toxins out of the cells out of the system. Skin, lungs, kidneys, liver recover its balance and improve health. This makes a person feels better with more energy and help to lose some extra pounds too. Very successful.

Margaret Sbarra

Nutritionist MS en Clinica Dietetics

Owner HealthyMealz


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