The Physician of Relevance that Gives Light in Miami

Interview to Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe: The Physician of Relevance that Gives Light in Miami.

On this occasion we spoke with Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe, Family Physician of Great Relevance and recognition in the city of Miami

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The Art Of Drawing Smiles

By: Dra. Libia R. Ríos DDS

Smile design has become the result of a fashion variable, where the so-called influencers motivate their followers to have a “perfect” smile. 

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Regenerative Medicine And Ozone Therapy

Regenerative Medicine And Ozone Therapy

The desire to age slower and with better QUALITY OF LIFE is in the feelings of millions of people, especially in this 21st Century. 

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Demystifying Sexuality

By: Dr. Santos Oscar Vega

In our western culture, sadly, we still carry today, in the XXI century, a medieval and inquisitorial reading of sexuality, where it was and continues to be understood as clearly sinful.

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#Prayinpink Advocates For Breast Health

Most women in the US go to their physicians annually for a physical. If you’re under the age of 40, a mammogram is not a recommended part of a woman’s overall health picture unless she has a family history of cancer.

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