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How do I Know if I can donate blood?

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

You have to meet the general eligibility criteria to be able to donate. In general, if you have good health, there will be no problem to do it. However, you must pay attention to some details; the body weight, blood pressure, vaccinations or if you’ve recently traveled to tropical countries may result in an impediment. The appropriate age to be a blood donor is between 18 and 65 years old, a minimal weight of 110 pounds, and to have a compensated blood pressure. Besides that, don’t forget to check your hemoglobin values out.

If you want to donate blood you must be over the minimum and required hemoglobin values: Females 12,5 gr./dL. And males 13,5 gr./dL. Regarding how many times you can donate blood a year, for females 3 times a year with a minimum interval of 2 months between every session, and for males 4 times a year with the same break between sessions. When we talk about Automated Blood Collection, the limits are a bit different.

Plasma Donation: This limit is determined according to the amount of extraction, it cannot be over 600 ml in a single donation, 1 liter a week and 15 liters per year. You can donate every 15 days without overpass 24 donations a year.

Platelets and White blood cells donation: Between every donation you must wait 48 hours.

Cases when you must wait a period of time before donating blood: 

– If you have been undergone a surgery, you must wait between 3 to 6 months. Otherwise, if you´ve received a blood transfusion, then you won’t be available to donate until 1 year.

– If you recently were vaccinated against the flu, you must wait until 3 days has passed. On the other hand if we have the hepatitis vaccine, you must wait 7 days until you can donate again. 



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