How research impacts comprehensive health care in times of COVID19

Dr. Niño Soto

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We are happy in this 2022, with Doctor Niño Soto in our first edition this year, thank you Dr. for allow in gusto be the protagonist of the cover of this edition. We would like you to tell us about the comprehensive care that engages all this type of health services for the entire community in the city of Miami.

 As a first question Doctor, why is research important in medical practice?

“Thanks to Learning to live Magazine, we always have a community service proposal, fundament all we try to do our best to be learning all the time. A good part of the professional service is to grow based on analyzing our own experiences, research is suddenly a very broad name as well as very complex. In reality, they are simple things that, when put into practice, can improve the style of work, the style of attention, the style of life, a scientific and health care community, of course, that will result in the practice it self, in better possibilities of attention, in better conformation of work groups in the additional possibility of integrating all those, ideal candidates to be ableto offer a better service to the patient.  Research is basically learning from our experiences, from the needs of the patient and trying to use that to grow and improve the service.”

 What benefit does it have for a patient, that a doctor is permanently investigating?

Most of our patient stell me that they want a service that goes beyond the sole obligation of providing care for what they feel or hurt in consultation.  It is a permanent policy of the scientific direction, that we do our best to offer a more complete service, so a doctor who is doing research does not have to do it in a laboratory isolated from the patient, a doctor who investing at estakes analyzes and  takes history and know led geof the most valuable of contributions, that is, the patient. The patient is there as on why we have medical insurance, our patient is there as on why we are educated, they tell us from medical school, it is the best source of education. Sometimes, due to the amount of work that our doctors have, they for get to take resources on those notes, and take out the valuable contribution they have, learn from what else can provide us with a better service.

Does there search offer any benefit to medical practice?

A medical practice that does research is a medical practice that remains young, current, that can learn from its mistakes, if it makes them, that protects its professionals and is a ware of what is needed to better serve a patient.

 Can research offer a solution through comprehensive care?

Fundamentally, if we understand hat the great teaching for the doctor is the information that his patient brings him and with in the organization, as we have, we dedicate our selves to permanently measuring that the information that the patient brings gives us more wisdom, that helplet’s see what other solutions can be offered to the patient, that go beyond the problems he has today and that tries to offer him the need to be attended in the way he deserves it and that makes it absolutely necessary, that we convene to other specialists in the health area so that a complete approach is given to the needs of each user.

 How can a patient help his doctor, through research?

The concept of sharing information with him is the most valuable, perhaps the greatest disposition that a patient can have with his doctor or a client with his practice is that he does everything possible to provide the greatest collaboration so that the information required by the institution or that your treating doctor is asking you, to give him timely, to do the task that the doctor sends me to go to the interconsultation, to give me the tests, to give me the supplies to the practice of his professional in a manner that it helps me to make a better decision, that is the great contribution that the patient can have.

What other benefits does research-guided care offer to insurers, to the government, to society?

“Finally, it is that COVID has left us too many lessons, among the greatest is precisely that many of the client softhe different practices that ended up being victims of COVID did it because they had risk factors for chronicor serious diseases, that it was not possible to know them in advance or with due opportunity, to be able to tell the patient that this was happening.  So, effective care, guided by timely delivery of information, by timely analysis of patient information, with a research unit that permanently feeds a practice, well, it’s going to be ideal and very useful for the government because You will be given feedback on how much there sources that the government is making available are beingused, so that the service that the patient is waiting for is provided.  If we are going to compare that, with what an in sure is making an important financiale fort to provide a good service, well, see that the pactof that care is achieving, keeping its population healthy, which is the objective for which han insurer puts your business.  And if these two balances, they are satisfied because surely we will have a healthier population and we will take care of each other much more.”

Thank you Doctor, for his valuable information, which will surely serve us all.

“Thank you and thank you for taking into account our service model.”

Dr. Niño Soto

Miami, FL
United States


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