“In Every Beat of My Heart I Love Baseball.”

“In Every Beat of My Heart I Love Baseball.”

I was born in Matanzas Versailles, Cuba on January 13th, 2000. I come from a humble family whom raised me on the values of Faith in God, hard work, the importance of commitment, and the sacrifice needed to pursue one’s love and passion. Baseball runs in my veins. In 1957 my paternal grandfather, José Ramón Muñoz played in the Major Leagues for the Minnesota Twins. He is the one who helped me take my first steps in this sport.

In 2014 I left Cuba with my family after my parents were sanctioned for 4 years by the regime because of their health professions. My mother was a nurse and my father specialized in the biomedical field. I was 14 years old when I arrived in this beautiful country. All I had was a suitcase full of dreams. The process I went through was difficult but with God’s help, my family’s support, and my love for baseball, I was able to overcome every obstacle.

From a noticeably young age my passion for baseball has been very great. I remember playing with my brother and friends from the neighborhood in the four corners. One day a particularly good friend from my neighborhood, Nelson Saneti, told me my parents “That kid plays with passion and love for the sport.”

I was only 7 years old, playing in my neighborhood in Versailles when my journey to pursue my love and passion for baseball began. Thanks to my dedication and the sacrifice of my family, I have been able to achieve all my baseball success. I remember seeing my parents come home after long work shifts at the hospitals and work on arts and crafts, which we would sell in the streets. My mother quit her professional career to be able to take care of me. She had to put a stop to her professional career to be able to dedicate herself 100% to my brother and I. My brother quit school and started selling food by the corner of our house. The three of them worked extremely hard so I could have everything I need to play baseball.

For me baseball is more than sports strategy. It requires concentration and physical dexterity. It is my vacation. I get out of bed every day at 4 in the morning to physically train with my coach Emilio Medina. After that, I go to the field to continue training.

All this Effort was not in vain. During my 4 years of high school, I was team captain and the MVP. This allowed me to represent Miami Marlins RBI program. In 2017, the MLB selected me to participate in the breakthrough series in Bradenton where the Pittsburgh Pirates are. I played a position in college as well. I recently graduated third in the nation, with home runs and was first in the State of Florida. These accomplishments lead me to qualify for a scholarship at a division 1 University Bethune Cookman, in Daytona Beach. At 22 years old, I am truly clear about my goal to reach the MLB. I like to quote Pat Gillick when he said “baseball is about talent, hard work and strategy, but at the deepest level, it is about love, integrity and respect.”

Baseball is my passion. It is the most complete and complicated sport. It makes me coordinate my mind and my body. It is the coming of the ball. The duel between pitcher and batter. The history of each championship. The euphoria of the noisy public. My family in the stands. Everything that is fully enjoyed! All these elements add to my perseverance and respect for Baseball.

David E. Muñoz
instagram @d.muñoz__
(305) 972-9189

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