Where does “LA DENTISTA” come from?
Learning to live magazine Dr Ines Orta La Dentista 2023

“LA DENTISTA” comes from a family of doctors. I am Venezuelan. I had my inclination for the dental area since I was 6 years old. I completed my studies at the Central University of Venezuela 1995. In 2006 I acquired my dental license in the state of California, and since 2013 I have been here in Florida, specifically in Miami offering dental care to all my patients.

What sevices do you offer in your clinic?
We offer treatment for gum diseases, the prosthetic part and the aesthetic part, and we focus on many other treatments such as transparent alignment, which is not only for the aesthetic part or to look good, but also to correct the functional part and prevent gum problems and oral diseases. We also offer the restorative part, placing implants, maxillary sinus lifting, and restorations on those implants with crowns or bridges. In the same way, we work on the aesthetic part with the design of smiles, either in resin or porcelain, which are the two types of smile design that is being used today.

Is dental care directed primarily at the adult population?

Yes, our population is basically adults, although we also care for the children of these patients. But our main focus is on adult patient care.

Let’s talk a bit about the payment plan. Because we all know that dental insurance exists, but how can you help those people who don’t have dental insurance?
We accept most PPO insurance plans, additionally the patient can pay in cash, or they can use their personal credit cards. We also have the option of financing with a health credit card, which the same patient or a family member can apply as a co-applicant to help him in the
process. This will allow you to be able to start your treatment today to prevent your oral health condition from worsening, but you will be able to pay for it  ithin 5 years according to the option you take, that will allow you a Flexible payment according to your monthly budget.


And this application is easy and fast? If, for example, I come and I do not have dental insurance, and I want to be seen by “LA DENTISTA”, what should I do?

It’s a very simple process, it takes less than a minute and a half. You do not have to fill out any type of paperwork, it is done online, we simply take 2 or 3 demographic data from you, and the staff that works here will help you and immediately let you know how much your financing has been approved, so that you can successfully start your treatment plan.

A message for all these people, already in 2023, to support us in a beautiful way in our dental health.
Don’t let the importance of oral health and check-up with the dentist be overlooked. Control the consumption of carbohydrates, which is the cause of a large number of diseases, and do not wait to have a problem to visit “LA DENTISTA”. Come preventively to prevent a minor problem from becoming something much bigger that will cause you a lot of pain and financially it will affect you to a greater degree.

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