Integral Treatments: The miracle of health

Thinking that to heal you can only use drugs or aggressive treatments is not only a wrong concept, but it is like thinking that medicine is the only thing that has not evolved (like if televisions still were black and white)! We are in the era of great paradigm and belief shifts, and health is not the exception.

The miracle of health

The human body is designed to be healthy, full of energy and vitality, to defend naturally. You have innate abilities to influence your body (organs, systems and cells) to heal.

There are many paradigms around health. There are effective techniques and tools to speed up and help boost the body’s healing processes. I have the opportunity to accompany and teach my clients and students to do it. The difference between having a integrative healing process and having only a medical process lies in the quality of life during the healing process, the time it takes for the body to heal and in many cases the difference between healing and not healing. ALL ILLNESS begins with an energetic imbalance, due to accumulated and stuck thoughts, beliefs, emotions and life experiences. You release all that from the root, you heal completely.

This is known as a “holistic approach” (mind, body and soul) that is gaining strength more and more for its results and for the greater number of “miracles” that it produces every day. I am a continuous witness of them, including myself. We are not just mind and body. That is the missing piece to the puzzle. We have different energy systems and patterns in our body, in charge of this mission.

There are many tools that you can use to boost, maintain or improve your health. More and more doctors and institutions are knowing and recommending them. And the most wonderful thing, they are for free! They are in you, they exist in you, you just need to know them and use them.

Working together is the best.

Flavia Sierra. Holistic and Energy therapist. I teach people how to use their own energy, thoughts, beliefs, or emotions to support their healing processes.


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