Interview with Dr. Johnson Niño Soto

Medical Centers Research Director

South Florida Urgent Care

Interview with Dr. Johnson Niño Soto – South Florida Urgent Care Medical Centers Research Director

Dr. Johnson Niño Soto is the Director of Research and represents the “South Florida Urgent Care” Medical Centers, located in Miami Dade and Broward counties. He talks about the implemented integrative development model so that the patient and their family receive the best attention, with the professionalism and human quality of his entire work team.

Research and development in medical centers are of great importance for the success of the organization and for the benefit of the community in terms of health, and it is a key factor that this management is carried out by a medical professional. On this subject, where did you study to be a doctor and what is your specialty? For how long have you lived in the United States of America?

I studied medicine at the Javeriana University in Colombia, then I did a Specialization in Sports Medicine at Universidad del Bosque; later, I did a subspecialty in musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Finally, I did a Postdoctoral at the University of California in the city of Los Angeles, with an emphasis on the direct measurement of oxygen consumption.

South Florida Urgent Care is a project that has been around for many years; its creator, my friend and partner, is a doctor who has practiced medicine in the US for more than 30 years. I consider myself fortunate to have met him, and it was his medical professionalism and the quality of his patient care that touched me, which I consider valuable and worthwhile to be able to extend and replicate this style of patient care. Those of us dedicated to medicine must apply our knowledge to benefit the people.

In general, that is the reach of what we propose for the service we provide. Soon, we will be present with new medical centers in Doral, Hialeah, Sunny Isles and, God willing, in Miami Beach.

After 30 years of practicing the profession, having the opportunity to provide an integral service to the community of the United States, rather than becoming a dream, let’s say, it’s the responsibility of being able to offer and teach what we can do for you as patients, for South Florida as a community, for Hispanics, for all that we can do before the world and for the great need nowadays of service in the healthcare matter.

Our clinics will surprise very soon with an integrative development model, which will make the patient and their family feel the best possible care in return for the effort they make to give their trust to a health professional.

COVID-19 is here to stay, perhaps as 100 years ago, when we identified influenza as a new disease that was here to stay. To think that COVID-19 is disappearing, to think that we are waiting for things to change, that we have to lower our level of care, is inappropriate. COVID-19 made it clear that it is imperative to return to certain forgotten habits that are absolutely necessary, such as washing our hands, look at who we meet with. It is necessary that we do not do anything that could cause contagion to others. That was what COVID-19 taught us, and it requires us to always behave like this, with hygienic behavior.

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