It’s Over, Now what do i do?

It’s Over, Now what do i do?

“I left everything in my country and emigrated to bet on a new life project together as a couple and family. I gave myself in body and soul, but one day he decided to end our relationship and leave the house. The world came over me, I lost everything. I even feel like I lost myself and now I don’t know what to do.”

“I keep asking myself every day why? It was supposed to be a love “forever.” I never imagined that this would happen. I thought we would be together forever, now he is gone and I have to continue alone. “

Thus, as these two women expressed their pain to me through these words, more and more people are going through this same experience and are communicating with me from different parts of the world to seek professional accompaniment. Women who have migrated to another country and poured their entire life into a partner and / or family project; but this ended abruptly in separation or divorce, whether due to infidelity, heartbreak, incompatibility, death of their partner, a toxic relationship, among others. And because of this drastic change, they feel very sad, confused, alone, disoriented, with high levels of uncertainty and a strong feelings of failure, frustration, guilt, and anger. They also feel vulnerable, undervalued and with their self-esteem deteriorated. They also experience stress, anxiety and fear before the new challenges and roles that they must begin to assume, without knowing how to do it, or where to start.

Seeing the constant increase of these pain experiences, and having the opportunity to connect through psychotherapeutic accompaniment with these valuable women who have come to me with their life stories, in addition to noticing the change and positive transformation in them and their well-being at throughout the process, has allowed me to confirm the importance of creating, MUJER PLENA Y FELIZ (FULFILLED SATISFIED AND HAPPY WOMAN), a specialized holistic program with a unique modality to provide close professional accompaniment, through which many women can benefit. This program has allowed them to feel capable of closing this experience and redefying it through learning to continue moving forward, reconnect, recognize, rediscover, appreciate and love themselves. They have also developed the ability to transform their fears into self-confidence and security to make decisions and to focus on rebuilding their life project, feeling full and happy. Seeing them smile again makes my soul smile too!


Viviana Barrero

Mg. Psicología clínica.
Life coach
Instagram: @psic.viviana_barrero


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