Kerly Ruiz

Model – Actress

Kerly Ruiz

Actress, model, entertainer, television presenter, are some of the many attributes of this
talented woman, pride of her native Venezuela, Kerly de Jesús Ruíz López, better known in the artistic world as Kerly Ruíz @kerlyruiz85, this famous and very beloved presenter was
born on October 6, 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela. From a very early age, she excelled in audiovisual media, studied dance, music and modeling.

At the age of 7, she joined the children's program “HAY QUE OIR A LOS NIÑOS”, broadcast by

Throughout her successful artistic career, Kerly had special appearances in soap operas such as: Negra consentida, Trapos Intimos, Juana la Virgen and Mi Gorda Bella., but her career
took off when she became an entertainer on the television show Ají Picante.

She was contractec by the television station TELEVEN in 2007 as the presenter of the program "rompe coco turbo", later as anchor of the entertainment segment "Lo actual" in El Noticiero and, in 2008, she became the host of the program "La Bomba".
In 2012 she was part of the staft of the entertainment program portada's, transmitted by VENEVISIÓN. During that time, she managed to get a secondary role in the telenovela “mi ex me ganas” where he played Kristell Manzano.

She became the official presenter of the program "PORTADA'S" and, at the same time, was in charge of conducting the broadcasts of world-class events such as MISS MUNDO, PREMIOS JUVENTUD, PREMIOS GRAMMY and PREMIOS LO NUESTRO for that channel.


She also hosted the official presentation to the press of the candidates for Miss Venezuela since the 2013 edition, for Miss World since 2014, and Mister Venezuela since 2014.

On January 18, 2017, Gail Gómez, Kerly's daughter with Irrael Gómez, was born, with whom she was married for two years until they separated in August 2017. However, both maintain a close relationship of friendship and respect, especially because of the emotional well-being of his little daughter Gail Gómez.

In February 2018, Kerly moved to the United States after accepting a job offer from the digital channel FEEDLATINO in Miami, hosting the program Simply Kerly, shortly after, she
began working on the channel EL VENEZOLANO TV (EVTV) where she is the presenter of the shows CHIC TODAY. In 2021 she is hired by the TELEMUNDO channel as a new presenter.

But, as if that were not enough, in December 2019 Kerly was awarded an Emmy award for the documentary "La culpa no es de Dios" and, in 2020, her daughter Gail, only three years old, took home her first Emmy Award for the short film "Principe de los juegos".

On October 28, our Kerly, in a new stage of her working life, was part of the panelists of the program “¡Sientese Quien Pueda!”, which is broadcast by the @UNIMAS channel, revealing all her talent and her spontaneous personality.

Our Kerly continues to work on new projects for this year 2023, and thus continue to recreate all her followers. Without a doubt, Kerly is a talent, pride of her country.

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