Our History

Every human goes through several stages along their own lives; some of us are more resilient than others to life changes. From Neuroscience point of view, it is considered that more resilient people have higher emotional balance facing stressful situations enduring better the pressure. This allows them to feel a control sensation in the face of events and gives to them a bigger capacity to face challenges.

In Venezuela, knowing how to live in a balance concept is about being well-informed about the ways to achieve it. We consider that we all are healthy to the extent that we have the timely information about how to prevent diseases that are detrimental to our life quality. The medical magazine Saber Vivir was born in Guárico, Venezuela in 2006. During this year 2015 we evolved, bringing to the east of the country a new proposal, with premise of giving to our audience a medical and informative content, using a simple language along with specialist, in order to provide the zone residents a quality magazine with informative and medical content about health, scientific innovations and medical articles given by the own specialists.

“Saber Vivir”, comes to be a tool for your knowledge, bringing the information so you can take the more accurate decision in benefit of your well-being. Saber Vivir, means not having ties in this material world. Health and well-being go beyond a simple concept; they establish life styles where both are intimately linked. We could reach a balance in our lives if we know the way to it. We are what we believe, if we work hard on the achievement of our goals.

Having specialists in every medical discipline is a blessing, sharing their knowledge with you is our mission. We continue to grow and expand our stakes so that more people can benefit from these resources, so Saber Vivir” comes to the United States as Learning To Live Magazine”, because we value every professional who works in the medical area, offering innovation and technology, is a debt we will settle through each publishing twice a month.

There are patients and relatives that only need to know the procedure and solutions to their disease to help them self. Having information within his grasp and free, is just the beginning to solve doubts and approach to the final solution.

It is possible to lead a healthy life style, as well as be cautious and watchers on our own wellness. Everything is about our feeding, soul, body and mind. We cannot understand a healthy life style without exercise, but we can’t also understand it with regular excesses. Most patients, who overcome any disease, recognize how important was to have accurate information in the right moment.


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