Manifestation Of Stress

   The first phase with which stress manifests it self tous is called  “alarm”.  The brain imagines oractually realizes that our body is being subjected to certain stimuli with which It is not used to interacting. 

These stimuli are characterized by being:


  • Threatening
  • see mingly uncontrollable
  • Unpredictable
  • New

       These characteristics do not have to concur simultaneously.  Faced with this situation,  the body responds by trying to prophylactically maintain a balance and to do so it reacts with a whole array of physiological measures that involve all its resources.



  • In order to get stronger, the body quickly absorbs all the nutrients available at that time.
  • Increasess weating to cool the body and make it lighter.
  • Increases body temperature as a protection mechanism.
  • In order to be come stronger, the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back are tensed, above all, while the hands are closed and the fists are contracted, being ready for defense.
  • The pulse increases because the heart begins to beat faster and stronger, increasing the pumping of blood in order to facilitate the move ments that need to be deployed.
  • The mind be comes alert.
  • The vocal cords, like muscles that they are, are also tensed, being able to scream.
  • We turn pale as the capillaries constrictto preserve blood in the event of a skin tear.
  • In order to take the most consistentaction, a functional hierarchization of the organs of our body is produced conjuncturally, namely, as it is assumed that they will not be of such importance at those precise moments, blood is diverted from both the reproductive system and the digestive system and from the excretory to the most vital organs.
  • The endocrine system is activated and the so-called stress hormones are secreted in order to minimize possible pain, bleeding and trauma, as well as resist hunger and increase energy
  • The autonomic nervous system is activated and we put our selves in a defensive position / onguard.
  • The senses are sharpened to achieve optimal performance
  • The pupils are dilated so that more light enters the eyes and in this way thestressor can be distinguished as best as possible.
  • Breath ingintensifies and the bronchial cavities expand in order to facilitate the presence of more oxygen in the body.

All the physiological alterations described above known as the “fight or flight response” occurintensely, rapidly and involuntarily.

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