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Many times, we hear the cliché, “Life is Marathon.”  Yes, it’s TRUE!  Life IS a Marathon. Every day is an opportunity to meet our goals and set new ones as we go through lives’ biggest race.

As a recreational marathon runner, my goals focus on life lessons learned through training. They go not by how fast and far I can go but how much I can learn and teach my children.

During the 26.2 miles of a Marathon, these words will have new meanings in life, impacting you forever.

Mile Marker:

  1. It takes true Courage to take the first step.
  2. A new world of Adventure awaits as you seek new routes.
  3. The 5k split gives you Satisfaction about taking that 1st
  4. A Community of runners will form to accompany you throughout the journey.
  5. This process takes Learning about yourself and the art of running.
  6. Many will Inspire you to pass the 10k split and celebrate the results of your courage.
  7. New routes will be full of Surprisesbecause that’s what life is all about.
  8. It’s not easy. Once you realize the effort it takes, running will Humble your attitude.
  9. Don’t let your perception of Effort trick you. You can always go faster and further.
  10. Inspirational books won’t be enough. Find a force of Motivation to face the challenge.
  1. Shoes, fuel, hydration? Too many Choices will arise. Just follow your instincts.
  2. The best weapon against doubt is to Trust yourself and your training.
  3. While crossing the 13.1 split, Commitment willpush you to keep going.
  4. Great results require Remember: The greater the sacrifice, the sweeter the victory.
  5. Don’t think running is a lonely sport. Family will support your journey.
  6. Doubt will lurk. It’s OK. Don’t focus on it.
  7. Passing this point and continuing forward requires physical and mental
  8. What’s life without a few Blisters and Bruisedtoenails? These only remind you the cost of great achievement.
  9. A crowd of strangers along the route becomes your Team and cheers for you.
    1. Yes, all runners feel Pain, including professionals. It reminds you that you’re alive and fighting.
    2. No ONE Left Behind. Trust your instinct in helping others to achieve their goals.
    3. The only way to break this barrier is through proper Training and Consistency.
    4. Cramping reminds you to hydrate. This is how you discover that water can heal and fuel your legs and mind.
    5. The moment you see the, “You’re almost there” signs, a feeling of Pridewill fill your heart and fuel your legs.
    6. The greatest lesson is to have Faith in a greater force guiding you to break barriers and believe in yourself.
    7. LOVE is the greatest force of all. You will remember everyone you love. In one way or another, they have accompanied you throughout your training and race day.

26.2 Victoryis now visible and shiny as you claim your medal. Remember: You earn your medal during training and you pick it up on race day!

Magda Gelves Provencher
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