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  1. What is the name and objective or Purpose of the Company and its Program?

My name is Roxie Soto and I am a Lawyer of Quintero & Partners is an independent firm that represents and distributes American Income Life products in the State of Florida. Offering a Life Insurance Program among others.

Quintero & Partners

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Roxie Soto

  1. What are the benefits offered by the Company and who are they aimed at?
  • The benefits we offer are basically designed for those employees or working families who, after ending their activities or professional careers, lose all their benefits. In our company we qualify them up to the age of 110 years.
  • It is also designed for employees or workers who do not generate any type of benefits within their activities, analyzing their needs and those of their family, offering them a subsidy.
  • The program also benefits those with terminal illness and funeral services. It all depends on each case.
  • Medical assistance in case of illness, either unexpected or with a chronic history.
  • Advance in cash, for cases of illness if applicable, and in this way the person continues to honor their personal commitments.
  • Professional assistance and guidance in legal aspects, including matters relating to a will, not only in the case of death, but also in the case of physical and cognitive impairment.
  • Other medical assistance services offered are: Dental, Oculist, Autism, Medical Expenses, even for patients with high blood sugar, among others.
  1. Who would qualify as a substitute for the beneficiary?
  • People legally resident in the country.
  • That they have their respective work permits.
  • In the event of the death of the holder, the benefits would be transferred to his duly authorized survivors.
  1. Other benefits such as employment opportunities by the Company:
    • Our vision is to give the opportunity of employment to approximately 100 people, of various specialties and professions, between the period of October and December of the current year, for the care and visit of about 28 thousand families.
    • Employees of the company must have empathy for other people who for health reasons are physically and mentally affected.
    • Love, service and good treatment towards people in general.

Roxie Soto

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