Meet Sergio Mendoza

a man passionate for helping patients with Cancer

Sergio Mendoza’s life changed forever in 2017. He was living a normal life as any married man and father of two, Sergio and Anais, but a surprising diagnosis of his wife Sarah transformed his life.

Suddenly, he lost his life partner to metastatic breast cancer, becoming a full-time single father of two. The change was shocking.

A typical day for him starts with getting up very early, taking a shower, making coffee, and preparing breakfast and lunch at home. During the vibrant breezy morning, he readies his children and takes them to school along with their two dogs, América and Candela

“While my children are in school, I try to organize everything related to the house along with packing, sending orders, and advancing as much as I can in the tasks for my business before picking them up,” he says.

Since then, he has been actively dedicated to understanding the daily routine that even involves arriving home after his children’s extracurricular activities to sit down to have dinner together.

In 2018, his family faced a new loss. An angiosarcoma (a rare blood cancer) lead him to his sister’s funeral.

Despite the circumstances, Sergio soon transformed all his sadness and channeled it into positive energy, not by being a good father, but also by creating his own business, Pharaoun Cocktail Rings.

“For 10 years, I dedicated myself to developing software, I was an executive, but when I lost my wife to Breast Cancer in 2017, I asked myself: What would be my mission? How could I be myself? And what would my legacy be? The answer was to create Pharaoun Cocktail Rings to honor women’s lives.”

Sergio has also created a foundation to take the style of his wife Sarah, called Pink Key Society, all this in order to help with donations and charity events for cancer patients.

How was 2019 for you and your children?

I changed my lifestyle to be available to my children all the time. We are very blessed to be part of the beautiful community of Key Biscayne, my children’s lives would not be the same if it weren’t for the support of our family, friends, neighbors and the school St. Christopher’s by the Sea.

Pharaoun Cocktail Rings is a way to keep your wife’s memory alive. How do you do it through a business?

Mortality has a way of showing us what is truly important, and although I loved my profession, I think I am capable of doing many more things.

I believe all women should be honored. Many times, women forget about themselves, their strength, their beauty, and their independence. My hope is that each one of my rings inspires women to be the best version of themselves.

What is the Pink Key Society?

My wife’s fight ended, but not mine. My daughter Anais is 4 years old now, and I don’t want to sit here idly. I want to start changing the future for her and all the women around me.

I created the Pink Key Society to support efforts to eradicate breast cancer and live a philanthropic life as my wife, Sarah, did. It is a way to continue to help others.

What are Sergio Mendoza’s plans for 2020?

In 2020 I am excited to continue helping breast cancer foundations, especially Susan G. Komen, along with Kristi House that helps victims of trauma, Southerners on New Ground, a human rights group, and the friends of Caritas Cubanas, who help underserved communities in Cuba.

Like Pharaoun, I will continue to design rings that highlight feminine beauty. A Cocktail ring is a woman’s ring that is worn on the right hand, not the left, and it represents the relationship that each woman has with herself.

I am thrilled to announce new designs in the spring. I hope these designs will continue to spread the message that each one represents. Each ring reminds women to be their favorite version of themselves. If you want more information, join

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