Miami Family Friendly Hands Foundation… is a love story

Receiving news that your child has a disability or special need can be a devastating diagnosis for a family. After experiencing this reality firsthand, Elisa Murguia Clarke created the Family Friendly Hands Foundation.

Her son, Robert Alfonso Clarke Murguia, was born healthy in 1997, but in October 2000, their nightmare began when he developed a fever of 104. After being taken to his pediatrician and having additional tests done, he was diagnosed with viral encephalitis due to a mosquito bite.

Five long months passed with her son still in intensive care (ICU). Her son, who was bilingual, lost the ability to speak and walk. He also began to have severe seizures that would make his eyes get lost in space, make him drool on himself, and as a result, he suffered brain damage to his temporal lobe.

This type of situation can happen to anyone and can change a family’s life overnight, which is why the Family Friendly Hands Foundation organizes conferences, training sessions and participates in numerous committees dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs.

The Foundation offers parents/guardians of children and adults who require special attention moral support, training, consulting, education, and representation. It has also developed close relations with government agencies and elected representatives for their mission.

All of this is possible thanks to their team of various professionals and contributors such as the Board of Directors of the Foundation, among which are the following people: Diane Vich, Eli Panell, Fedra Medina Halleck, Karla Margarita Castillejo, Rafael Pineyro, Raquel Ponce, and Rosana Onorato.

Miami Dade County Councilman Christian Cevallos, a man enthusiastic about social work, also serves on the foundation’s board of directors. There he actively participates in events such as Mother’s Day, their renowned Holiday Party, back-to-school, backpack donations and recognitions for members of the community.

To support this wonderful organization, please visit the Miami Family Friendly Hands website at

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