Moschino and sephora launch makeup line inspired by school items

By: Carla Barrientos

The purchase of school supplies was always one of the most enjoyable back-to-school activities, and it was always difficult to choose between so much variety, designs and colors, because without a doubt we all wanted them. If you are still a loyal fan of stationery, this news will delight you.

Sephora, together with Moschino, created a makeup collection inspired by all the materials that you kept in your case during school. And let me tell you that they are there to run out and make nervous purchases!

The most original collection

The manager of the dazzling collection, Moschino x Sephora, was Jeremy Scott, who apparently turns everything into success and this collection stands out for its freshness, creativity and originality. You will not be able to resist.

The collection consists of a palette of eye shadows, set of brushes, illuminators, lipsticks, liquid eyeliner and nothing less than a nail polish. In addition, the packaging is a real fantasy, just like the one we find on the shelves of supermarkets.

Colorful laptop

The palette of eyeshadows in the shape of a computer stands out from everyone in the collection. With 30 shades of matte, satin and gloss finishes, you will not want anything else in the world.

In addition, the black sponge in the shape of a bear in the center is actually a brush cleaner, is there something better?

Pencils set

The brushes are very funny, inspired by the pencils we used at school. It has five different for face, eyes and eyebrows.

Markers to highlight your beauty

These markers will highlight your cheeks. The illuminators come in white, copper and pink tones. They are so precious that it will take hours to choose just one.

Makeup erasers

The drafts not only serve to correct errors: these incredible sponges of Moschino are excellent for a more precise makeup.

Lip markers

The labials come in green, lilac, violet, coral and fuchsia. They are high pigmentation and the best thing is that they are all matte finishes. You will have hours of fun painting your lips.

Nail corrector

No doubt when you were little you used the liquid concealer on your nails, simulating an enamel. That’s why Moschino fulfilled our dream with this wonderful design in opaque white.

Permanent outline

Some looks are simply not complete without an eyeliner. This permanent down design is all you need for precise delineation.

Mask Moschino

And last but not least, there is the honey mask in the shape of the Moschino logo, perfect for skin care lovers whose main objective is to combat dryness of the face.



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