New Year’s Reset

By Ernesto Avendaño

New Year’s Reset

Revista Salud y Bienestar #1 Sur de Florida es - Reseteo de Año NuevoJanuary has arrived and we want to have a healthier lifestyle, we want to put our
health in order. That is why I want to tell you that the time has come to reset your habits, your daily routine and of course your well-being in general, I wanted to write about this topic because it is a necessity for many people who write to me, what can I do in January to resume or start new habits? Sometimes we all need a reset, just like a computer, when it is overwhelmed with information it slows down, it also happens to the human body that RESET makes us keep moving forward.

We come from a time where perhaps we stay up all night, travel, go for a walk, attend social events and all these things change the routine to which we were used to a bit, we get a bit disorganized, but we are now back in our daily routine and we must do pause and reinforce or create new habits, and this is where I will give you some tools to create sustainable habits.

Revista Salud y Bienestar #1 Sur de Florida es - Reseteo de Año Nuevo

1- Creating habits is something that is done little by little, we are not going to change our habits from one day to the next. It is better to create micro habits that allow us to have daily achievements, what we will call ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE STEP AT A TIME. When the year starts, we always want to do everything at the same time: train, eat healthy, sunbathe, rest better, but that is a big mistake. Start with a habit and when you have it under control you start with the next one and thus avoid getting frustrated or demotivated later.
2- Change the I HAVE TO!, for the I WANT!, I DECIDE!; since the first comes from obligation, and the second comes from the passion of joy, from the enthusiasm that motivates us to feel better, and thus we take action and assume responsibility for our decisions.
3- We have to change the relationship with our mind when we want to create solid habits and avoid looping thoughts for example “imagine how I’;m going to eat cauliflower, no!” or “I have never done something for a week in a row, no! I’m not going to be able to" "I better leave it for later” “I have too much work, I don’t have time” it is important to make peace with our minds and thus be able to draw targets.
4- To set goals we can use the SMART methodology, which speaks of something specific “what do I want to do?”, something measurable “How much?” something achievable “;How?”, realistic “for what?” And in the time “When?” And now if when you already have your goals well established it is time to start with the new habits.
5- Remember that starting a healthy lifestyle is practice, patience and perseverance, and something very important that I want to remind you is that practice does not create perfection, practice creates progress, because each time you progress more and each time you feel better.

Ernesto Avendaño, LDN
Nutricionista – Dietista
American Society for Nutrition member
Miami, Florida

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