“Nirvana Project”

Is a non-profit organization striving to serve the South Florida. Our launch took place in November 2017.

Through “NIRVANA PROJECT”; We promote Adaptive Sport, we invite and integrate our community into
the world of running as volunteers to push people in wheelchairs and any other disabilities into 5K, Marathons, Triathlons and obstacles races.

Within our concept, absolutely everyone who wants to join is welcome, from children accompanied by their parents, family, friends, collaborators, students, teachers, companies, mothers, parents who wish to integrate with their children, to each of those who want to expand our mission.

What is “NIRVANA”?

Nirvana is the state of liberation of the suffering reached by the human being at the end of his spiritual search and free of bondage, it describes someone who is in a state of fullness and inner peace, without being affected by external influences for the annihilation of certain negative traits of one’s personality, because the person gets rid of torments, such as pride, hatred, envy and selfishness, feelings that afflict the human being and that prevent him from living in peace. Nirvana indicates a state in which all mental activity is stopped, which in turn would achieve complete spiritual liberation.

Nirvana Project organización sin fines de lucro que se esfuerza por servir al sur de la Florida.
To know more about our Mission visit: www.nirvana-project.org
IG: @nirvana.project
FB: @nirvana.project.org
Email contact: info@nirvana-project.org
To support our Mission: www.nirvana-project.org/donate

Thank you & God bless you all.

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