Plastic Surgery, Health or Vanity?

Dra. Tania Medina Collado

Plastic Surgery, Health or Vanity?

For those who do not know me, I am Dr. Tania Medina, my profession is a plastic surgeon, but I do it from a different point of view, when you are going to make an external change, you must always be internally balanced. You must love yourself and you must respect and value yourself enough, this is very important and many people say: Oh, but I already value myself, I accept myself, I love myself.

Why am I going to have plastic surgery? And my answer is that it has nothingto do with one thing with the other, plastic surgery is simply one more tool to support you in making those external changes that you want, but first we must work on our interior.

How can we move forward or how can we achieve work and personal situations that go hand in hand with our appearance, which often makes obese people uncomfortable? What advice do you give to all these people? I have some tools that I always like to share and they are “Tools to love each other”

The first is to get to know each other, when you were going to fall in love, you wanted to know everything. What does he eat? What does he not eat? Who are his parents?… And why not do it with the most important person in your life who Are you.

The second thing is to accept all that you are, and not because you accept them means that you are not going to change those things that you dislike, always knowing that we are perfectly imperfect beings.

The third is to forgive yourself, forgive yourself for those things you didn’t do. You would not be the human being you are today without it, because that is
what brought you here.

The fourth tool is gratitude, for me gratitude is the master key that opens all the doors of blessings.

Fifth and not last, to pamper ourselves, we are going to give each other our love, we are going to go out one day to have a coffee with me, that you are the person who will be with you all your life.

Your inquiries in Santo Domingo only?

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That’s right, I consult in the Dominican Republic, but I also do virtual consultations. Actually 98% or 99% of my patients come from other parts of the world.

What has been your experience with men who come to your clinic and have the desire to want to make a change?
I have been practicing for almost 10 years, at the beginning of my career the men were hidden, but thank God they have come to understand that they are
human beings who also deserve to be pampered and loved.

What is the first thing you send to a patient who arrives for the first time and has never had an operation?

The first thing is the preparation of the patient both psychologically and physically, we carry out all the studies to see how all their systems are, after the patient is complete, a date for surgery is set, after surgery they go to the recovery room , then we follow up. Patients who leave for the United States we follow up on WhatsApp and patients who stay here, we follow up until they are discharged.

Doctor, a question that intrigues many of us and is the most difficult to attack, and that is cellulite.

Gentlemen, let me tell you, there is nothing to do about cellulite, exercise, water and a good diet, there is nothing to do, there is no surgery, so gentlemen, exercise.That’s right, @DrTaniaMedina and also on our WhatsApp +1 809 917 1586 We are at your service!

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