Prevention is everything

Attack Alzheimer

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

Memories build a life, allows us to know our own history and of those around us. Memory helps us live daily, losing it, suppose to live an abstract and different world.

“Alzheimer is a neurocognitive and degenerative disease that progresses over time and the forgotten genders and behavioral disorders that have a very complicated diagnosis more frequently to see after  65 years” points outIdolfredo Hernández, Neurologist.

Capture your memories

In an early sample, using a blood sample. The method has been developed by Spanish researchers. However, specialists recommend treating the body in a general manner.

“Prevention is to avoid diseases that are based on the nervous system, such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking habits and alcohol, sleep disorders. All this being altered, causes the development of the disease. Patients should have semester check-ups,points out “Hernández.


Not all forgetfulness is product of Alzheimer’s disease, some may be caused by depression or cerebral vascular disease. There is also idiopathic Alzheimer’s on young people and must be attacked on time.


• Forget immediate memory (forget short actions)

• Begin to have hobbies, repeat actions.

• Live in the past

• Deterioration of higher mental functions

• Humor changes

• Disorientation of time and place

• Difficulty to develop habitual tasks.

Source: Dr. Idolfredo Hernández. Neurologist.

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