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Beto Quintero is the founder of Quintero and Partners, an insurance company that blesses the Miami community, offering services to help people in unexpected situations.

“Thank you, for me it is an honor and a privilege to be in this audience, I have been working for more than 12 years for American Income Life the insurance company we represent, and Quintero Partners was founded 4 years ago in Coral Gables, we started literally 2 people and now we are one of the largest firms for the company (AIL) worldwide, we have 4 offices with more than 200 people working for us, being blessed and having the privilege and opportunity to help families

Our products give us the opportunity for each family visited by our agents to have free benefits such as the Child’s Safety program, we are the only insurance company nationwide that is affiliated with The International Union of Police Associations, we are also endorsed by the American Federation of School Administrators and endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers, as a result, we can provide benefits at no cost to those who give us the opportunity to serve them in their homes, virtually or in person.

We give them a child protection kit at no cost, a $2000 accidental life insurance policy, we know that $2000 is not much, but it is a free policy given by our company, we also provide advice and even make free wills to people who request it, endorsed by the State, made by lawyers and also a discount card for medical services, such as: Vision, nutrition, prescriptions, diabetes, even for medical prescriptions for pets.

We deliver those benefits at no cost, for the families that ask for it within our systems and therefore, also give them the family protection programs that we have sold since 1951 as American Income Life at a national level, which are family protection programs, designed for unions at a national level, we are part of the (AFL-CIO) American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, In short it is an honor to represent this cause working with this great company, and 4 years ago with the blessing of God to found Quintero Partners, being a resounding success, becoming the tenth agency of exponential growth in the world among 100 agencies, licensed in the United States, Canada, London, product of doing the right thing, we have the same principles and a golden rule: “If you do right by God, God does right by you”, “Put the benefit of your neighbor before your own benefit” and “Money is a product of doing what is right, in the area of insurance”.

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