The secret of asitics for a perfect skin and hair 

By: Laura Simental


At some point we have all been jealous of the skin presumed by Asian girls and we wonder what kind of agreement they made to have a glowing skin like a baby. We try to get that effect using expensive masks, facial tonics and even remedies from our grandmothers, but the secret could be closer than we think … In our kitchen, for example! Rice is the magic ingredient that will help us to have an enviable skin and that for many generations generations of Asian women have used in their beauty routine.

Benefits of rice for the skin

This cereal not only serves to get green hairs every time we are burned but it is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins E and B, so it helps to cleanse the skin depth, reduce impurities, minimize pores, eliminate blemishes and combat premature aging.

There are many beauty products based on rice, such as creams and makeup powder, but if you do not want to spend a lot of money you can use the rice in your kitchen. The best thing is that you can spread it on any type of skin!

How do you prepare?

In a bowl pour a cup of rice, try to make it organic so that it provides all the possible benefits to your skin, and add a cup of purified water. You have to cover it and let it soak all night in a cool place. The next day strain the mixture, pour the water in any container or in an atomizer. It is important that you refrigerate between each use.

Before applying the liquid, wash your face very well to remove all traces of makeup, dry it, and with a clean cotton or cloth apply the water in the area you want to care, whether the face, armpits, elbows, legs , etc. The next day wash your face, and go!

Have a hair worthy of Rapunzel

Provide a smooth and luminous skin is not the only benefit of this liquid, because if you drop your hair or is opaque rice water will help you avoid falling and dryness.

The preparation mode is the same as the tonic. Pour the water in an atomizer and impregnate your hair, put special emphasis on the roots and ensure that they are completely soaked. Then, with the tips of your fingers, massage your head for two or three minutes. Pick up your hair in a chongo, let the mask act for at least an hour and rinse with warm water.

The facial tonic can be used every day, while the hair mask can be put on three to four times a week. Remember that perseverance is the key!


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