Running for Love and Unity

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2020 has been a year like none other. It has put the whole world to the test. Love and Unity make the difference in how we will overcome these obstacles.

October 17th was the test day of our training as we completed our goal of 50Km. The plan to run the Marine Corps Ultramarathon 50Km in Washington changed. Now it would take place in Miami. You ask yourself: What is different about a virtual race? The most difficult thing about a long-distance race is the lack of spectators and the need for support points along the route.

The goal of completing 50km soon became minimal when we saw that the dream could be bigger. We focused on uniting our community to share a common Goal and the only way to do it would be with Love for our sport and the human warmth that brings us together.

We started inviting people and in the blink of an eye we recruited the best group of friends and family, as spectators, pacers, and support. Running is a sport for all, and it should be shared with everyone. So, during this day we had the honor of running with members completing distances of 5k, 10k, 13.1k, and more. We were also accompanied by cyclists, and people at various points in the 8-hour run. The Marine Corps Marathon is to honor members of the armed forces and we can proudly say that veterans and active members of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Police also joined us.

To affirm our commitment to share love and unity in the community through Running, we took the opportunity to renew our Wedding Vows at the end of our 50Km. Performed by an Air Force Chaplain, in front of a wonderful group of people with different stories, the common denominator was loving your neighbor and helping those in need. Chase and I vow to continue loving each other, running and teaching our children a love of sports and respect for the community.

If life changes your circumstances, evaluate your goals, and share your dreams with others. Teamwork will lead you to success and you will see that the union for love and friendship will fill your heart with joy and peace.

Magda Gelves


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