Safe sex, a matter of personal hygiene

Making love without grooming?

By María Gabriela Gómez S.

Couples do not always talk about this subject, and despite the fact that the sexology literature suggests that smells can be aphrodisiac for some people, safe sex does not just mean the use of condoms, but also personal hygiene.

“The genitals come to have bad smell after all day without cleaning up. It is harmful that you carry to bed all the microbes you absorb during the day on the street and breathe those microbes all night. It is also important to keep your teeth brushed if your having oral sex and hands clean because you use them to caress”, says Marita Capiello, Sexologist.

Before and after

When the specialist refers to this topic, not only does she give suggestions about personal hygiene before having sex, but explains that it is important to have a fluid communication with your couple. Capiello recommends “after a sexual relationship there must exist a time to be together, or agree to take a shower together, if it’s your wish. Semen and vaginal fluids are innocuous, if both are healthy and don’t have any type of disease, there is no problem. “

Sexologists recommend that couples should start sexual relationships after six months of knowing each other, so they can get to know each other through questions about them, surroundings, family, friends and interests.

“Today, we still don’t know how to communicate with our couple, we encourage people to have good communication because it generates trust between both of them. We can use phrases like: “I would like you to clean yourself before having sex, or even suggest taking a shower together”, suggests the sexologist.


Within sexology there are around of 600 paraphilia’s, which implies that there is some element who becomes the sole agent that motivates the sexual relationship.

Source: Marita Capiello. Bachelor of Psychology and Sexology. Research Center Psychiatric, Psychological and Sexological from Venezuela. Professor at the University of Oriente and Conductor of “Sexo y otros Quereres” by Onda 91.5 FM Puerto La Cruz.



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