Skin care and our self-esteem

Interview Dr. Naim Dah Dah

Skin care and our self-esteem

Interview Dr. Naim Dah Dah

Learning to live Magazine in the person of  Nancy Beterzelian (N.B.) spoke with Dr. Naim Dah Dah (N.D.), a specialist in aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

N.B.: Certainly age or weight loss leaves traces of flaccidity in our body.

But who better than you to talk to us about skin treatments?
N.D.: Self-esteem is often reflected in how we feel when we look in the
mirror. Our job is to help people raise their self-esteem by making them
look better.

We cannot escape from flaccidity due to aging, with the years, the body produces less and less collagen; added to that, some people develop loss of volume and many of the body structures fall due to gravity, that is why, after 35 to 40 years of age approximately, we begin to notice the nasolabial folds, which are the lines that form around the nose and mouth, changing the expression of the person, giving it an aspect of anger or sadness.

N.B.: Dr., what would be your recommendation for people undergoing weight loss treatment?

N.D.: My recommendation is that everything should be done in moderation and in a progressive manner. Losing weight too fast causes more flaccidity. In addition, you must have a proper diet, consult a nutritionist, perform tests to see if there is any deficiency of nutrients or vitamins, good hydration and an exercise routine.

Here at D-CLINIK, we have a variety of treatments for the face, neck, abdomen and legs, as well as aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

N.B.: And as for aesthetic and regenerative medicine, how do these techniques come together?

N.D.: It all depends on what the patient is looking for, because it is one thing to talk about aesthetic medicine and another to talk about regenerative medicine, because it involves other factors, such as the use of stem cells.

Stem cells are used in esthetics for example to stop hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle, combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P.).

N.B.: Doctor, now that summer is approaching, the skin is affected by the sun, what recommendations can you give us in this regard?

N.D.: The use of a good sunscreen, whether you go to the beach, to a swimming pool or anywhere else, is important. I recommend its frequent use, since UV rays affect wherever you are.

N.B.: I would like you to tell us about D-CLICIK, where we can find you, and a phone number to consult with the professional team.

N.D.: We are located here in El Doral, near Downtown Doral, address 7950 north west 53 street suite #132 Doral Florida 33166. Our phone number is 305 2990049. At D-CLINIK, your first evaluation is completely FREE. We offer a wide variety of treatments from facials and deep cleansing, to liposuction treatments and injectables, which are serums by which we can deliver different types of nutrients, vitamins, minerals or antioxidants directly into the bloodstream reinforcing the immune system.

We also have anti-aging serums, which contain a series of antioxidants such as vitamin "C" that help us to live a healthier old age.

N.B.: Regarding the benefits of vitamin C, what is the difference between taking it orally and intravenous application?
N.D.: A big difference. Vitamin "C" generally comes in tablets of 500 mg. to 1,000 mg. orally, a certain percentage is not absorbed, while intravenously there is no loss and doses can range from 25,000 mg. to 100,000 mg.

N.B.: Going back to the subject of the skin, how can we refirm it?

N.D.: Well, everything starts with an interview about the patient’s medical history and routines, in order to make an evaluation and apply the most appropriate treatment.

N.B.: Finally, I would like to talk about the benefits at the time of payment.

N.D.: Here at D-CLINIK we offer payment plans. These are two types of financing that are very easy to apply and quick to respond. In addition, we reiterate that the first evaluation is free.

Downtown Doral, dirección 7950 north west 53 street suite #132 Doral Florida 33166

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