So, what can we expect as parents and how can we help our children adjust to this new normal?

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Fall is such a lovely time of year. The afternoons get shorter, but the weather begs us to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. Families get into the school routine and many autumn activities begin to fill our weekends: pumpkin patches, football games, and community service activities.

help our children adjust to this new normal

This year, although we may welcome the cooler temperatures; Fall will be anything less than typical. The COVID-19 Pandemic, which began from a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), has caused families across the world to adjust to a new world. The latest CDC statistic show that about 9% of COVID-19 cases have been in children (17 years or younger) and that data continues to support that children have a milder course than adults and can often be asymptomatic entirely. Researchers expect cases to increase.


New normal

So, what can we expect as parents and how can we help our children adjust to this new normal? We must acknowledge that the effects of the pandemic on children’s health and educational trajectories will be unknown for many years. Families should support them with patience, knowing that many want to be in school and enjoy being in the company of friends and teachers. Let us model positive behaviors as parents. We should try our best to lead a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, nutritious eating and being mindful of our attitudes. Although, we cannot change the situation, we can adjust how we react or view our current situations. We have a choice to attribute positive or negative beliefs to our thoughts, and our children see that and can learn to do the same. Children are not immune from negative feelings.

There is one for important topic to address: Influenza. Influenza is a respiratory illness, similar but not exactly like COVID-19. It is likely that Influenza will be spreading along with SARS- CoV-2 this fall and winter. We know from many, many flu seasons, that children do get sick with Influenza. And unlike COVID-19, there is a vaccine readily available to prevent influenza in children. Aside from consistent hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes and staying away from others when you or your child starts to feel sick, the Influenza vaccine is a safe and effective way to prevent to reduce the disease burden of Influenza.

As the Fall gets underway, that are many ways to support your child’s well-being. Talk to your pediatrician. They are your best source for trusted information.

MD. Nicole Torres

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